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Tivanti SL

Tivanti, SL is a company founded in 1991 that specializes in the manufacture of technical products design and top quality in the field of sun protection, providing a great value.

With a commitment to a fully personalized, professional service we provide to advise them and give them the necessary technical support throughout the process, from selecting the most appropriate product to its installation and operation.

The product range Tivanti, SL Is a selection of the best technical products on the market to offer the best solutions in the field of solar protection, together with the proper discharge of the CTE (Technical Building Code), thus helping to achieve greater energy efficiency and consequently to the preservation of the environment.

The team of Tivanti, SL consists of qualified staff, which uses the latest technologies to offer the best quality and service as well as the constant research and development of new processes and products through R & D.