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Sound system integrated in the rear profile

The equipment consists of an amplifi cation module and one or more audio kit. The audio kit consists of speakers integrated into the channel. There can be up to 4 audio kit for each module
of amplifi cation. It is also possible to synchronize the audio in more nearby structures or connect the system to an external audio equipment, through the Multiroom technology. This type of technology allows to synchronize the audio in more adjacent modules, so that in each module the same audio source is played at the same time. The distance between the bluetooth source
and the audio system depends on the environmental conditions. In any case, you should not
exceed 5 to 6 meters.   TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS
• IP67 speakers integrated into the channel
• Bluetooth 3.0
• Compatible with all devices that allow audio streaming via Bluetooth
• Pairing with protection
• Good performance in the medias and high frequencies
• Recommended for domestic and commercial uses
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