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Vertical awning with zip Click Zip

Vertical awnings, rectangular box chest available in 4 measures, or without box and with guides with ZIP system that integrate the Mag Lock patented magnetic fixing system. They are products created specifically to protect from light and shade windows and glazing. In particular, the Naked model, without a box, is the perfect solution for installation in a hole in the ceiling, if available in the building. The peculiarity of the Click Zip Ghost model is the front profile, able to enter completely in the chest and therefore be invisible with the awning rolled. The chest can be inspected from below and is equipped with a mobile closing system, the heads are made of die-cast aluminum and varnished in the same color as the structure. The awning, when fitted with recessed guides, can be completely incorporated in the window block. The hood is inspectable and equipped with a mobile closing system, the heads are made of cast aluminum and lacquered in the same color as the structure. The awning can be fixed to the jamb by means of the heads, or be supported by the guides. The guides integrate the ZIP system of PVC coextruded, in addition to the magnetic fixation; They can be fixed laterally (mounting in a hole) or frontally (wall mounting). The system can mount oscillating, shading, Crsital or mosquito netting. The profiles of extruded aluminum and die-cast aluminum are lacquered with powder paint, the screws are made of stainless steel and the nylon accessories. Manual operation (machine with limit switch and removable crank) or motorized (normal motor, RTS or IO Home-control). The technological innovation that characterizes Click Zip is magnetic blocking. Mag Lock is a patented system designed to optimize the vertical tensioning of the canvas. Inside the front of the awnings there is a magnet (with a force of 100 N) that, once the canvas is lowered, hooks a twin magnet integrated in the leg of the awning. Thanks to an attraction-repulsion game we get 25% more resistance with respect to normal use.
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